The Healer - The Healer Potions

            Energy and detoxification tonic
            For natural detoxification and reducing inflammation, these leafy greens help to promote cardiovascular health, proper blood clotting, and bone building. Along with ginger, they alkalize the pH balance your system, reducing the acidic environment in which disease and cancer cells thrive.

            Rejuvination and purification tonic
            Especially good in cold winter months, this tonic helps to support the liver and kidneys, where the body’s toxins are stored. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is converted into vitiman A to increase immunity, promotes skin and cellular, and reproductive health. Cayenne stimulates circulation, neutralizes acidity, regulates blood sugar, and boosts metabolism.

            Ague Elixer
            Oregano is a natural force against bacteria, and in combination with the natural purification properties of lemon, the lignans in flaxseed (a chemical compound in certain plants, including flaxseed, that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxdidant properties) ginger, and cayenne, it fights oncoming illness naturally. (It’s strong, though, so be warned! But it works.)

            Wellness Waters: Aloe & Chlorophyll
            These two waters can be had anytime, all day! The aloe in the first water helps to heal your digestive tract, but also promotes skin repair. The chlorophyll helps to rebuild and replenish cells, soothe inflammation, and contains magnesium that helps deliver oxygen to tissues, bones, and muscles. For best results, use purified water!