Saturday, August 16, 2014


This site is here for people who have purchased a book, found out later there was a special edition of some sort and do not wish to purchase another copy (especially if there are multiple special editions) just for a few pages of extras. This looks like it's becoming more of a thing these days which I find annoying and similar to DLC with videogames. I'm not complaining about more content, I just want these things to be accessible to the people who love them. No one should miss out because they weren't into a series at a particular time.  This stuff isn't usually available in ebook editions and I hope that changes, I wouldn't feel the need to do this otherwise.

I try to get all formatting as close to the source as possible: bolds, italics, line breaks, divider images, special text characters, things like that.

I may also put other things like wallpapers and playlists on here later. Some things I have on here are only available online, in which case think of this site as a backup if the source site goes down. And on that note, if you see anything extra related online, save it, copy it, screenshot it or archive it if you can. Websites go down or change all the time and some things are easily lost.

If you want to help, go to my request page. I'd appreciate any and all help you can provide. Thank you and enjoy.