The Elite - Deleted Scene 2

Originally, The Elite opened with America asking her maids for help understanding her report, which is now Chapter 3. This is Maxon coming to the door and America’s reaction. While super cute, it felt like too much too soon.

            I was so far gone, I even thought I heard the playful knock he sometimes used at the door.
            When I saw Anne moving out of the corner of my eye, I realized the sound wasn’t in my head. I jumped out of my chair, and she opened the door just in time for Maxon to catch me.
            “America!” he exclaimed, laughing. “For goodness sake, I barely got you that time.”
            “If I fall on my face the next time, Ill blame myself.”
            “No,” he shot back, feigning exhaustion. “You’re going to kill yourself while answering the door. That can’t be anything you’d want on a tombstone.”
            “There are worse ways to go.”
            “True,” he conceded. “For instance, I nearly died of boredom a few minutes ago. I’m sure if I don’t get outside immediately, the symptoms will return.” His face stretched into mock concern.
            “Oh no!” I gasped. “Quick, come with me!” I pulled Maxon down the hall, ignoring the soft laughter coming from my maids.